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Two evening classes have been cancelled for this week:

Mahesi's Tuesday evening class will not take place (7.00-9.00pm, 26th April), but will continue on Tuesday 3rd May.

Also, Richard St Ruth's Wednesday evening class (7.00-9.00pm) has been cancelled, but will continue on Wednesday 4th May.

Events at the Golden Buddha Centre

 Silent Morning Meditation Sittings

With Co-ordinator: Marsha Cummings

Mondays and Wednesdays 7.15am-8.00am

The door will be closed at 7.10am so that the meditation can begin promptly at 7.15.

Participants are requested to commit to the full 45 minutes' sitting before leaving at 8am.

Please also enter and leave quietly.

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Co-ordinator: Marsha Cummings

 Weekly evening sessions.

With Mahesi Caplan, Richard St Ruth, and Colin Moore.

Monday 7.30-8.30pm Colin R. Moore: Mind training teachings in the Tibetan tradition presented within the context of an overview of the Buddhist path.

Tuesday 7.00-9.00pm Meditation based on the contemplative skills of the Thai Forest tradition.

Wednesday 7.00-9.00pm. Exploring Zen koans with meditation and teachings. Richard St Ruth

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Mahesi Caplan, Richard St Ruth, and Colin Moore.

 The Essence of Buddhism the Zen Way

With Diana St Ruth

Diana St Ruth Talks on 'The Essence of Buddhism the Zen Way', Thursday 28th April. 2pm to 3.30pm.

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Diana St Ruth

 Silver Sangha

With Tessa King

The next Silver Sangha meeting is on Thursday 5th May 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

GO TO THE PLACES THAT SCARE YOU An afternoon of guided meditation and discussion led by Jean Wilkins

This saying by the 12th century Tibetan teacher, Machik Lobron, invites us to look at what we would rather turn away from and embrace what we are afraid of. With that in mind, we will take time to explore together what supports us in turning towards, rather than away from, our fear of death.

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Tessa King

 Golden Buddha Centre clean-up

With helping hands

I shall be working at the GB centre on Saturday (7th May) from 2pm-4pm. If you would like to lend a hand (with even just a little job) it would be very much appreciated. Just pop in whenever convenient to you during the time I am there and you will receive a warm welcome.

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helping hands

 A Nun who Became an Arahat:

With Bhante Bodhidhamma

A talk by Bhante Bodhidhamma Sunday 15th May 3pm-5pm

In the words of Mae Chee Kaew: ‘Body, mind and essence are all distinct and separate realities. Absolutely everything is known – earth, water, fire and wind; body, feeling, memory, thought and consciousness; sounds, sights, smells, tastes, touches, and emotions; anger, greed, and delusion – all are known. I know them all as they exist in their own natural states. But no matter how much I am exposed to them, I am unable to detect even an instant when they have any power over my heart. They arise and cease. They are forever changing. But the presence that knows them never changes for an instant. It is forever unborn and undying. This is the end of all suffering.’

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Bhante Bodhidhamma

 The Perfection of Wisdom

With Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Tibetan Buddhist Teaching: The Perfection of Wisdom with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Thursday June 16th - 3.30 pm

The Six Paramitas are at the heart of all the actions of a bodhisattva, of someone who is training to truly work for others. The sixth is the Perfection of Wisdom, seeing the truth as it is, seeing things as they really are. Four reasons are given as to why we do not see the true enlightened nature of our mind. It is too easy, too near, too good and too deep.

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Ringu Tulku Rinpoche