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Events at the Golden Buddha Centre

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Some Forthcoming Events

 Golden Buddha Centre new year classes.

Please note the restart dates for classes at the Golden Buddha Centre:

Monday 7.30-8.30pm Colin Moore: Mind training course of study in the Tibetan tradition, will restart on Monday 12th January.

Tuesday 7.00-9.00pm Mahesi: Meditation based on the contemplative skills of the Thai Forest tradition will restart on Tuesday 13th January.

Wednesday 2.00-4.00pm Michael Elsmere: From 2pm to 3.10pm alternate 30 minutes sitting, 10 minutes slow walking, followed by tea. Finish by 4pm.

Wednesday 7.00-9.00pm Richard St Ruth: Zen meditation and teachings restarts on Wednesday 14th January.

First Thursday in the month 1.30-3.00pm Tessa King: Silver Sangha. The next one will be on Thursday 8th January at the exceptional time of 12.30pm for a shared vegetarian lunch (see details on website).

Thursdays other than the first Thursday in the month 2.00-3.30pm Steve Palmer: Talks and discussion on the words of the Buddha, Thursday 15th January.

Mondays and Wednesdays 7.10-8.00am Marsha Cummings: Silent morning meditation sittings will restart on Monday 12th January.

Date: Saturday 03 January 2015

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 Silent Morning Meditation Sittings

With Co-ordinator: Marsha Cummings

New Silent Morning Meditation Sittings

Mondays and Wednesdays 7.15am-8.00am

Running until Wednesday 17th December.

These early morning sessions are aimed at those with some experience of Buddhist meditation who wish to sit in a silent group in a conducive atmosphere.

The door will be closed at 7.10am so that the meditation can begin promptly at 7.15.

Participants are requested to commit to the full 45 minutes' sitting before leaving at 8am.

Please also enter and leave quietly.

Date: Monday 12 January 2015

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Co-ordinator: Marsha Cummings

 Wednesday afternoon meditations

With Michael Elsmere

Wednesday afternoon meditation silent meditation session led by Michael Elsmere.

From 2pm to 3.10pm alternate 30 minutes sitting, 10 minutes slow walking, followed by tea. Finish by 4pm.

The format will loosely follow the Zen style of walking and sitting, though one may sit on a chair or cushion (no instruction will be given).

Date: Wednesday 14 January 2015

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Michael Elsmere

 The Buddhist Path to Freedom

With Steve Palmer

New Thursday afternoons (except for first Thursday of the month, see 'Silver Sangha').

The Buddhist Path to Freedom with Steve Palmer 2pm to 3:30pm.

The Buddha taught about freedom; a freedom from all forms of suffering and discontent. He did this by first describing the causes of suffering and then presenting a path leading beyond suffering and its causes. In this series of talks, discussions and meditations we shall look at what the Buddha had to say and how we may make use of his ‘timeless’ advice.

Date: Thursday 15 January 2015

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Steve Palmer

 Silver Sangha

With Tessa King

Thursday afternoon monthly sessions 1.30pm to 3pm (first Thursday in the month): Tessa King co-ordinates the group.

Please bring vegetarian food to share


Date: Thursday 05 February 2015

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Tessa King