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GBC news

      GBC news

This Saturday there will be a Golden Buddha Centre clean-up.
I shall be working at the GB centre this coming Saturday (30th May) from 2pm-4pm. If you would like to lend a hand (with even just a little job) it would be very much appreciated. Just pop in whenever convenient to you during the time I am there and you will receive a warm welcome.

Photo: Jizo-Bosatsu from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Some Forthcoming Events

 Weekly evening sessions.

With Colin Moore, Mahesi Caplan, and Richard St Ruth

Weekly evening sessions

Monday 7.30-8.30pm Colin Moore: Mind training course of study in the Tibetan tradition.

Tuesday 7.00-9.00pm Mahesi: Meditation based on the contemplative skills of the Thai Forest tradition.

Wednesday 7.00-9.00pm Richard St Ruth: Zen meditation and teachings.

Date: Monday 01 June 2015

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Colin Moore, Mahesi Caplan, and Richard St Ruth

 Silent Morning Meditation Sittings

With Co-ordinator: Marsha Cummings

Mondays and Wednesdays 7.15am-8.00am

The door will be closed at 7.10am so that the meditation can begin promptly at 7.15.

Participants are requested to commit to the full 45 minutes' sitting before leaving at 8am.

Please also enter and leave quietly.

Date: Monday 01 June 2015

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Co-ordinator: Marsha Cummings

 Wednesday afternoon meditations

With Michael Elsmere

Wednesday afternoon meditation silent meditation session led by Michael Elsmere.

From 2pm to 3.10pm alternate 30 minutes sitting, 10 minutes slow walking, followed by tea. Finish by 4pm.

Date: Wednesday 03 June 2015

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Michael Elsmere

 Silver Sangha

With Tessa King

Thursday afternoon monthly sessions 2pm to 3:30pm (first Thursday in the month):

Finding Inspiration and Joy
Please bring something to share that, at this point in your life, inspires your practice. Perhaps a quote, poem, art or music.

Tessa King co-ordinates the group.

Date: Thursday 04 June 2015

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Tessa King

 A Day of Silent Meditation

With periods of sitting and walking

Sittings will last from 30 to 45 minutes, and walking from 20 to 30 minutes. For the sitting posture, there will be a choice of cushions, chairs or kneeling stools. There will be no formal instruction, but individual instruction for beginners can be given on request.

Date: Sunday 07 June 2015

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periods of sitting and walking

 The Essence of Buddhism the Zen Way

With Diana St Ruth

Diana St Ruth will hold a series of talks entitled 'The Essence of Buddhism the Zen Way' from Thursday 11th June to 27 August.

Date: Thursday 11 June 2015

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Diana St Ruth